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More often than not, there are articles in the newspaper detailing a house fire in which all the tenants lost all of their belongings. To the untrained eye, one might think “Lucky them, they will get all new stuff.” Truthfully, that’s not the case. Most tenants don’t realize that their landlord’s insurance policy does not cover their contents.

Most of the time, when a loss occurs, it is not a total loss to the property or the contents. Fortunately, most losses aren’t fires but careless acts by other occupants of the building. For example, the tenant in the apartment above you falls asleep while the tub is filling and it overflows and water ruins your living room set and your brand new TV. Unfortunately for you, the bill to replace the couch and TV belongs to you, the tenant. The Landlord’s policy will cover repairs to the building, but not your belongings.

What’s my stuff worth? If you had to replace everything that you own, how much would that be? If you started to list all of your belongings, clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, you could easily find yourself having possessions worth over $25,000. Would you have the money to replace everything? If you have renter’s insurance, that policy will help you recover from your loss. It may even pay for temporary housing should the loss be significant.

Another component to consider is liability of your guests. What will happen to you if you get sued because a guest in your apartment fell and got hurt tripping over an area rug? You may have not thought about it, but you are the one liable! Tenants insurance has a clause that includes liability protection.

The cost of tenant’s insurance is affordable. For example, a policy that covers $30,000 of contents and has $500,000 of liability could be as little as $175.00 per year. Jewelry and other items of value can be added to the policy for an increased fee. Depending on which insurance company you use, there may be discounts available for multiple polices like adding your car to the tenant policy. Some groups and associations offer additional discounts, such as AAA or Mass Teachers Association.

Whether you are renting an apartment, condo or a single family home, and whether it is in Adams, Pittsfield , Williamstown or any other Massachusetts community in the Berkshires, it makes sense to look into tenant's insurance. Ask any of the best real estate agents or top real estate brokers in the Berkshires and the experts all agree that it makes sense to obtain proper coverage.

Make the decision to protect yourself and your contents! Contact your insurance agent today.

It is critical to recognize that a landlord's insurance policy will not cover your personal losses. If you don't already have it, learn more about the importance of obtaining a tenant's policy.
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