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“Paper or Plastic?”. That is the age-old question when checking out of the grocery store. Or at least it used to be. Most of the time, when checking out of the store they would just pack your groceries for you  (or you would do it yourself at the self-checkout) in plastic bags. However that practice is changing!

Many towns and cities are now banning the use of plastic bags. Yikes!  How am I going to get my goods to the car? How am I going to carry them into the house?

We have all heard about recycling and using re-useable bags. However, have you ever thought about a re-useable bag that is actually a recycled product? Feed bags; dog food bags, chicken feed bags, rabbit food bags, all sorts of bags can be re-used or better yet, re-purposed! Even bags from breweries that held barley and hops. These bags all can be re-purposed into very colorful, artistic, and funky bags.

The Town of Adams, MA has taken on a new community project. The town is asking groups, businesses, and individuals to make 8400 bags; symbolically one for each resident. This project, besides being fun, is a demonstration of how reuse helps our Earth. Coincidentally, the project is trying to make all the bags by Earth Day on April 22, 2017. What a great birthday gift to Mother Earth!

Using simple grommet machines and these colorful bags, in a few minutes a feed bag that would ordinarily be thrown away can be turned into a really neat re-useable bag. Even the handles are re-purposed. Many of the handles come from farming irrigation tubes that are generally disposed of at the end of the growing season.

All of the components of the bags (except the grommets) are made from products that contain plastic and when sent to a landfill or dump, stay forever! By preventing these items from going into landfills, we are eliminating a waste product that doesn’t disintegrate. This is another great gift to Mother Earth on her birthday.

Learn more about this effort at and maybe next time we pass each other at the checkout we can compare animal pictures on our re-purposed bags.

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The Town of Adams, MA has taken on a new community project. The town is asking groups, businesses, and individuals to make 8400 bags!
Overall, the residential sales trend and volume across Berkshire County has consistently increased every year since 2011. All indicators indicate that this will continue for 2017!
2017 Property Tax Rates for All cities and towns in Berkshire County Massachusetts.
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