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10 Center St.
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558 East St.
Pittsfield MA
9 Main St.
Hinsdale MA

Bishop West Real Estate

-Your Full time, Full Service Real Estate Company! 

Residential & Commercial Brokerage 

Bishop West Real Estate is a full service real estate company located in western Massachusetts. 

It’s Very Simple! - Bishop West Real Estate provides the same services as others, we just do it with a higher level of professionalism which offers less headaches to the consumer!

How Do We Make That Happen? - It comes down to the over 100 years of experience, Higher level of education and the willingness to learn more in today’s challenging real estate market.

Bishop West understands that  Real Estate is more about the people that we deal with vs. the property we sell.

“Come experience the difference Bishop West Real Estate has to offer”

LICENSED in Massachusetts – New York – Vermont – Florida

Whether or not your photo session is being shot by a professional or being shot with the agent’s cell phone, preparing your home to look its best will help you to catch the eye of more buyers and may help your home to sell at a higher price. Conversely, poor quality photos of an unkempt home may translate into less buyer interest, fewer showings and could result in a lower sale price.
North Adams had been on a downhill slide for many years, but now we are experiencing investments in the area that are bound to bring a lot of tourist and visitor traffic in; bound to be a catalyst for new jobs creation; and bound to make the area grow more than we can possibly imagine right now. Tie that into the existing and expanding activities in Williamstown and it’s obvious that the efforts at attracting tourism and business into the corridor are off to a great start. The impact on the real estate market is already being felt.
Shopping for a home, whether in Pittsfield, North Adams, Lenox or anywhere in Berkshire County, can be an exciting and often stressful time. Now that you have decided it’s time to “buy my next home” or “buy my first home”, and you’re looking for a house in the Berkshires or anywhere else, care should be taken so you’re not jumping into something without expert guidance. A good buyer's agent will provide that guidance.
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